Mental Health

We all have mental health; it is just as important as physical health. It is not only about mental illness or mental disorders. This is just one part of a big picture. It’s best to think about mental health as being a continuum rather than people being mentally ill or mentally well. We are all in the continuum and we move up and down according to factors such as genetic makeup and upbringing our life circumstances and the stress we are under. But one end of continuum, we have mental disorders like depression or anxiety and to the other end we have states of positive mental health when we are thriving the contempt and fulfilled.

Mental health is having ability to cope with whatever life happens to throw at you. It’s having your life balance in all aspects. Whether it’s social, emotional or physical as well.

What are some signs of mental health problem?

It is normal to have ups and downs in period. But it is a matter of whether or not you can get yourself out of it. And if it becomes forever and it’s like there is no light in the tunnel then maybe that is the sign that something’s up that’s not right. When you lose the ability to be able to do things that you would normally do as a part of your every day routine. Going to work, going to college, hanging out with friends and also losing interest in those things that you would normally find really fun or things that you normally motivated and keen to do. It could be even a lot of potential alcohol and drugs abuse. Struggling get out of bed each day. 

 We all experience levels of stress whether at work place or at home, however for some people these feelings of anxiety can be prolonged and extreme. They find difficulty in carrying out simple task and even cause panic attack.

Most of us experience ups and down in our lives. If the low mood doesn’t go away for long, this would be a sign of depression. Someone suffering from depression can feel sad, anxious, guilty, helpless, and hopeless. They may also have low self esteem.

Other signs can be self- criticism and blame, impaired memory, neglecting responsibilities and loss of interest in appearance and hygiene.

Bipolar disorder – it is a sever mood disorder and causes unusual fluctuations in personalities. People with condition find hard to maintain a healthy relationships and jobs. They may lack focus or be unwilling to concentrate.

Obsessive compulsive disorder or OCD - this disorder can be a very disabling condition. Feelings of anxiety are combined with obsessive and unwelcome thoughts. It’s a common obsession of dirt and germs and leading them to wash hands frequently. 

If you are facing any such problems then your first step should be to the doctor’s clinic. Get your medicated to get out of it but only medication is not the solution. You need to change your perspective slowly in your life towards things happening around you. Like start focusing on positivity, take time to practice gratitude. So when you will focus on all the good stuff of your life then you won’t spend much time thinking about the bad stuff.